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Special Needs Program

All children love to put on a uniform, to be part of a team, to enjoy the great outdoors and feel the thrill of friendly competition in playing soccer, often termed “The Beautiful Game”. Tavistock Tornadoes Soccer has offered these opportunities to our local community for many years. However, it is clear to us that there are many more children and youth in our surrounding community who want to play soccer but are unwilling or feel unable to participate in the programs we currently offer, as they have special needs that need to be accommodated. Once again this year, we plan to offer a “grass roots” soccer program for those in our communities with special needs. Our program is founded on the belief that people with disabilities can, with proper instruction and encouragement, learn, enjoy and benefit from participation in individual and team sports. Our aim is to improve the lives of people with disabilities, and in turn, the lives of everyone they touch.

Who is eligible?

Our program is offered to local youth with special needs, aged 4 to 18. The Tavistock Tornadoes Soccer Club is the first soccer club to recognize this need and fill the gap in our surrounding community and we invite athletes from our surrounding region.

How do the programs operate?

The program is run entirely by volunteers. As a parent or guardian, you are welcome to participate but are not required to, but we ask that you are always present throughout the session. We try and keep our athlete to coach ratio at 1 : 1 or close to it. Players are given individual attention appropriate for their abilities. Jerseys are supplied, shinguards are required, soccer cleats are optional. The #1 rule is FUN !

What do we need for community support?

Our soccer club is looking for individuals to volunteer in this program and is looking for community financial support.

When and where does the program run?

Sessions will not be highly structured as we understand the need for flexibility. The schedule will be on Monday nights, starting in mid June, and running for 8 weeks. Location is Tavistock Queens Park. Details to be determined as we progress.

How do we register and who do we contact?

Please sign your child up early for the opportunity to develop motor skills and friendship through playing Canada’s most popular participation sport. We will need time to set up the volunteer assignments so 4 weeks lead time is the minimum.

To express interest in participating, please call or email:

Marlow Gingerich

Tavistock Tornadoes Optimist Soccer Club Convener
519 655 3237

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