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Our mission is to provide our youth with the opportunity to be active in the sport of soccer while maintaining an affordable cost to the participating families.


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Reasonable Pricing

$200 3 ft high by 5 ft long Yes One Year
$800 3 ft high by 5 ft long Yes Five Years

The business is responsible to provide the sign, the soccer club will be responsible to provide the posts and to hang the sign. The club reserves the right to review all signs before final acceptance. Be aware that we will do our best to keep the signs in good shape, but cannot be responsible for any damage done to them. If you need a contact to produce a sign, Eric Skinner of Art and Function 655 2112, is a local Tavistock sign maker and can be approached with your project. As well we will add your name to our website in recognition of your support to your community. You would be welcome to incorporate our Tavistock Tornadoes soccer logo into your sign if you wish.

For more information, please fill out the form below or reach out to sponsorship@tavistocksoccer.com.

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