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Tavistock Soccer Pick-up

Tavistock Soccer Pick-up is a recreational event that runs throughout the summer once weekly. There is absolutely no cost involved and its a great way to have fun, stay in shape and meet new people from the Tavistock community.

In order to sign up, choose one of the dates below and complete the form. Your name will be added to the list. If we get a minimum of 8 players, its game on.


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Complete the form below to register for the September 19th pick-up game. We will need a minimum of 8 to play. If we don't reach 8 before September 19th, you will be notified that the game is cancelled.


Players signed up

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Murray Baldridge

Cameron Schoeneweiss

Stephanie Harrhy

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Curtis Abend

Brenton Beadle

Katie Sudds

Brenda & Jake R

Dave Kerfoot

Frequently Asked Questions:

This is a non-contact pick-up league for anyone (Male or Female) 18 or over.

The venue may change depending on availability. We will play at Optimist Park, Queen's Park or the Tavistock Missionary Church field.

Nothing, its absolutely free.

You can bring your kids along if they can occupy themselves for 90 minutes. However, this is an adult only league so its recommended that kids do not play.

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